Our Story

Quantum Leads is the next generation of Real Estate software developed by Rigpa Solutions. Rigpa means all knowing and come complete awareness— Rigpa Solutions is the your expert Real Estate software service. Rigpa Solutions is comprised of a team of niche specialists— Learn more about our team.

Why create Rigpa Solutions and Develop Quantum Leads?

Dennis Vaughn, Partner & President of Rigpa Solutions, wanted to develop a better way for homebuyers to purchase Real Estate; he himself wanted a better experience. In his move from California to Florida it became very apparent to him that the Real Estate industry as whole was ignoring the user experience for the customer— He wanted to save his properties, wanted bigger and better images, an easier way to quickly communicate with his Real Estate agent, a way to share the properties with his friends and family, way to keep notes on each property, and to have several options of communication with everyone involved in the process. Not only did he want all of that, Dennis also wanted to choose a local expert for his relocation. After hundreds of hours of scouring the Internet sifting through sketchy Real Estate websites, he finally found one that was half way decent with blogging that made the Brokerage look as though they were credible and knowledgeable in the local Real Estate market. With this experience, or rather lack of, the idea of Quantum Leads was born.

Richard Eimers, Partner and Vice President of Rigpa Solutions, had a similar vision from his own experiences, or here again lack of, managing his Real Estate Brokerage Eimers Group Real Estate and Land. He had seen demonstration after demonstration of buyer capture services on market, tried most of them out for several months at a time. Unimpressed with most of the tools, return on investment, and poor customer service, he said “there has to be a better way”. From a brokerage standpoint he wanted a service provider with cutting edge tools, someone who would reduce the number of vendors he would have to use, capture more buyer and seller leads, better integration for lenders and others involved in the closing process, and also wanted a service that improved the lives of his Real Estate agents, giving them more time to focus on the sale and customer rather than technology.

By combining Dennis software development, technology and buyer experiences with Richard’s Real Estate Broker experiences, Rigpa Solutions was the result of this dynamic duo.