Working the Lead

Our state of the art Customer Relationship Management tool makes managing your buyer and seller leads easier than ever. You can now schedule tasks and track communications with your leads, like never before from one single dashboard that is easy to quickly find what you are looking for.


Your user-friendly dashboard will be your new best friend. This allows you easy access to all newly assigned leads, both buyer and seller leads, along with a snapshot of scheduled activities for your day.

Quickly Connect

With your Quantum Leads member list page you have the tools at your fingertips to quickly connect with your leads.

Social Profiles

When a buyer or seller lead gets added, we find the lead’s social profiles and add them to their profile in our dashboard for you. This gives you more useful information about your leads, which can be used to stay in front of them.

Looking For

Your Quantum Leads member list shows you how many beds or baths your buyers need, as well as the price ranges.

Online Activity

When you login to Quantum Leads you can quickly see if any of your potential buyers are online now and viewing properties. This could be the best time to reach out to them again whether via phone, email, or through social media.

Member Activity

Tracking buyer activity puts you in the driver seat. You can eavesdrop on what searches they have created, as well as what properties they are viewing, sharing, and favoriting each time they log onto your Quantum Leads Virtual Office Website (VOW). You can leverage this information to know what property updates and other communications to forward them to keep them interested.

Drip Email Campaigns

Our drip e-mail campaigns are easy to use and effective. Drip e-mails essentially send pre-written blurbs to a lead over a specified amount of time. These e-mails make it simple to keep in touch with your buyers and sellers— even updating them automatically on what they missed during their visit to your virtual office website.

Track All Communication & Notes

Quantum Leads tracks all communication with your buyers and sellers. All email communications are automatically tracked and logging a phone call is just a click away.