Lead Generation

Agent URL's

With Quantum Leads, each agent is given a personal URL, which they will use to capture leads. Each lead captured under an agent’s URL is assigned to that agent, automatically. A sample URL would be: http://AGENTNAME.yourdomain.com


With an ever-increasing influx of young buyers, blogs are an underrated tool to get attention. Get started by posting about the local real estate market, trends, and local community events. Unique content written by your Brokerage’s Real Estate Agents reinforce credibility and industry knowledge to potential clients.


Quantum Leads has realized the unique power of Craigslist. With over 50,000,000 unique visitors per day, it is clear that Craigslist is something of a quiet superpower. For this reason, we have made it easy for you to easily post your listings to Craigslist.

Exclusive Licensing

At Quantum Leads, we know you are in a competitive business; this is why we offer exclusive licenses. Our exclusive licenses alleviate your worries of a second license being sold in your market. We can break out your exclusivity to what works best for you— by MLS or by zip codes!