Broker Tools

Broker Tools

The power is in your hands to set up Quantum Leads the way you want or need for your Real Estate Brokerage. With the ability to define teams, lead rotations, goals, and track your agents performance all in one simple to use dashboard.

Define Your Rotation

With Quantum Leads you control how the leads are given out. Manual rotation allows you to assign the leads manually. Weighted random rotation is like throwing an agents name in a hat once for the number of times their weight is and then drawing a name. Criteria rotation allows you to define criteria like price or territory to determine how a lead is assigned.

Setup Teams

Define and setup teams for your brokerage. Team Leads are able to see all leads assigned in the team and can re-assign leads with in the team.

Define Goals You Want to Track

You define the types of goals that you want to track and the time frame you want to track. For example you can track active listings or Gross Commission Income monthly, quarterly or yearly.

Quick Overview of All Agents Stats at Once

Just as you and your agents can quickly view information about your leads you can quickly view information about all your agents at once.

Monitor Agent Performance

Drill down to see how your agents are performing with the leads. How fast do they contact the lead once it is assigned? Have they contacted all of the leads?

Know How your Agents use Quantum Leads

See what your agents do during each login with Quantum Leads. Know what prospects they view and what they do with that prospect such as create a note or send an email.

Track your Agents Listings

Track all statuses of your agents' listings.

View the Goal Performance of your Agents

Know where your agents are in reaching the goals that you defined for them.' listings.