How To Manage Technology for Real Estate

Confessions of a Technie

Let me tell you a secret.  I am what you might call a technophile.  I have spent my entire life using technology.  My parents claim that I had an inborn affinity for all sorts of tech, that I just instinctually knew how to use them.  I decided that I was proficient enough at using technology that I could go to school to learn to use complicated technology and get a degree in it.  I even got a job that has me using technology all day, every day.  You might be even able to say that I like technology! But, I have a secret. My deep dark secret is that technology constantly frustrates me!

“What?” you say!  “Then why would I read an article on tech from a person who gets frustrated by it?” I am telling you this because the first truth you need to know about technology is this. Everyone in this entire world, no matter who they are, will struggle to understand a new technology.   I have as much change of learning all that as the US has a chance to win the World Cup.  This is an universal truth.  Anyone who says otherwise has their pants on fire.

So why even bother?

It may be okay for me to spend a lot of time trying to figure out technology, because that’s my job.  However, you have better things to do, like meeting clients, closing deals, or reading awesome articles on how to manage your technology.  Yet new technologies are constantly streaming in, and some of them will help you. Maybe.  You need a method to quickly incorporate new technology, but not get overwhelmed by it.  Here are my  five tips as to how to manage technology for real estate agents.

  1. Technology is a tool.  Use it, don’t let it use you.  I constantly see people trying to understand a new technology, and it suddenly consumes them.  They spend all their time trying to figure it out, and their productivity simply goes down the drain.  If this happens to you, seek help.  It is probably best to cut your loses, and abandon learning this tech.
  2. Give yourself plenty of time. I spent five years in college learning how to program.  Set up a realistic goal for yourself to learn whatever you need to, and be generous with the time.
  3. Be picky with new tech.  Seeing some new technology in action, or in an advertisement can be tempting.  That’s the point of the advertisement.  Evaluate whether you need some new technology before your rush headlong into learning how to use it.  If you don’t, you probably end up with a lot of wasted time, and the ability to do something no one else wants to do.
  4. Don’t be afraid to find some help.  Most of what I learned in college was to use google to solve all of my problems.  If it works for me, and it works for doctors, it can definitely work for you!
  5. Have fun!  You will have a lot better time, and will be much more productive if you can learn to use whatever you are using to have fun!

If you follow these tips, you will be sure to find that you will spend less time learning how to use technology, and more time doing what you want to do.  Just remember to watch out for Y2K!

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