Analytics for Your Real Estate AdWords Account

Is your Real Estate AdWords Account Linked to Your Analytics Account?

analyticslogo2014-06-08_15-50-12On April 7th Google announced the new Analytics feature of “Bulk Linking” AdWords and Analytics Accounts.

This feature allows companies with multiple AdWords Accounts to link their Accounts to separate Analytics Accounts in a much less cumbersome, much less frustrating way!

While you may not have more than a single AdWords Account, this update (which is now live) provides the opportunity to revisit the importance of linking your AdWords and Analytics Accounts.

Analytics for Real Estate Websites

While we won’t go over the multiple levels of detailed metrics that Analytics can provide us for our real estate marketing efforts, let’s go over the four metrics that are imported directly into your AdWords Account when your accounts are linked and why they are of great significance in evaluating your website and your marketing efforts.



Bounce Rate.  What percent of your visitors go to your website and leave from that same landing page, without clicking on a single link and exploring your website?  Likely this means they have not viewed a single property on your site.
Pages per Visit.  If visitors are actively using your website, how many pages are your visitors viewing before leaving your site?
Time on Site.  How much time are users spending on your website?  Are they reading the information about listings?  If they aren’t, why not?
Percent of New Visits.  What percent of your visitors are new, or “unique” visitors versus returning?  Are you paying for visitors that have already visited your website?

Link your Real Estate AdWords Account now!

If you are managing your own AdWords Account and haven’t yet linked it to an Analytics Account do so immediately!

If you are going through an Agency to manage your Real Estate AdWords marketing, ask them if they are doing this for you.  I’ve always been a fan of holding your agency accountable.  Are they being as thorough for you as they can?

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